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Complex of internet marketing services

Clients from social networks

Facebook, Instagram, Google ADS

Promotion on social networks for any business. We will find your audience.

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About us

EXTRAVID PRO is always an individual solution for business. We conduct analytics, create a marketing strategy from scratch. And we help companies find customers faster. We offer tools for quality promotion of your company in various channels. We do what we think is effective, and you get a concrete result.


Professional marketing support

Individual selection of work required for your business, including, but not limited to: research, analytics, media planning, selection and control of contractors, setting and testing of technical tasks. Regardless of the size of the business, the ambition of the goals, we follow a comprehensive approach in Internet marketing to promote sites, products or services.


Website development on WordPress. Individual design "from scratch"

Creating a WordPress site is a new opportunity to develop your business in the digital space. This engine is suitable for almost any purpose. With the right approach, WordPress sites work quickly and stably. Your customers will not experience any inconvenience. Creating a corporate website; Business card site, photographer’s or studio’s portfolio; Online schools; Presentations; Blog or personal brand.

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Marketing services

Creation and filling of site content (taking into account the marketing features of promotion and SMM;
(SEO) Contextual advertising in Google search engine (PPC), remarketing; Maintaining a company page in Google Business; YouTube page design; Content marketing (blogging, copywriting, preparation of presentations); Email marketing

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PPC (contextual and media advertising) which will help to get into the TOP

Increase sales
Increase traffic to the site
Work on brand awareness
Profit maximization
Introduction and testing of new products on the market
The benefits of PPC advertising in site promotion
Before ordering services, we advise you to note its benefits and show its effectiveness specifically for your business.

Who needs comprehensive marketing and promotion on social networks

For those who are planning to start a business but do not know where to start

You have ideas to start a business, but do not know how to attract the first orders.

There is no or insufficiently systematized marketing in the company

Let’s form a marketing strategy for the business. Let’s define effective channels of promotion of goods / services.

Those who plan to optimize business processes

Implementing integrated marketing will improve the efficiency of the whole company.

To expand the target audience

With the promotion of social networks, search engines, e-mail marketing, banner advertising and other tools, more and more customers will learn about you.

Those who want to increase loyalty and recognition

Mentions of your company will be found everywhere. We will make you recognized and loved!

Those who want to accurately measure the results

All integrated marketing tools can be analyzed in detail. You will always know how effective a channel is, how much you earn and how much you spend.

Our works

Comprehensive promotion always starts with creating a convenient and attractive site for visitors. And such sites are quite rare. Website development is the main direction of our activity. By ordering a website, you get a customized marketing tool, fully ready for promotion and sales.

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How we work



We get acquainted with your business and study in detail how the product / service is arranged and works, how the company works, what its strengths, weaknesses, goals, mission, organizational structure and much more. All this can help in creating and packaging a brand and promoting a project.

Target audience analysis

Make a portrait of your customer, find out everything about him: gender, age, interests, problems, what social networks use, what sites he visits. Describe how to solve his problems with your product or service, what can interest him. The more information you have about your potential buyer, the more effective you will be in influencing them in the future.

We are developing a comprehensive promotion strategy

A well-designed strategy will allow you to achieve the goals of integrated marketing faster and better, as well as better understand the target audience, its requirements and expectations from your product.

We test each channel and analyze the results

Promotion in different channels separately is very expensive. Comprehensive marketing is effective, but also economical. You will not need to think about which channels and tools to promote, how to find out about the results, etc. We will take care of all this.


The site is the most important marketing tool, it interacts with almost all advertising channels, it is the main online seller and the face of the company. Let's make a beautiful website and Landing Page quickly and efficiently

Services and cost


Market analysis (competitors, demand)

Advising on the promotion of goods / services, brand building

Promotion on social networks, SMM

Preparation of advertising offers

Set up and run targeted advertising.

Tracking analytics, adjusting promotion strategies.

Turnkey SMM services

Cost from 300$

advertising budget

+ start 5-7 days


Competitors analysis. Budget calculation

Define Google AdWords Advertising Campaign Goals

Keyword selection (search queries)

Create a Google AdWords account

Ad campaign and ad group settings

Analysis of the relevance of queries. Advertising campaign optimization. Working with Google Analytics

Cost from 350$

advertising budget

+ start 5- 10 days

Turnkey website development

Landing Page with a unique design

Ready-made templates for quick business start-ups: business card sites and online stores

Promotional page for maximum conversion of visitors into orders and orders

Online store / Business card site / Domain and hosting connection

Creating a site on WordPress with an individual design

Cost from 400$

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+ start 10- 30 days



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